Jade Stone is based in Whittier, CA, and in Colima, Mexico featuring Daniel Gomez on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Jorge Vuelvas on bass, Fernando Carrillo on drums, and Adrian Fatout as the lead guitar.

Daniel met his musical partners by happenstance; Jorge Vuelvas and Fernando Carillo were touring the US as musicians when they stopped by a coffeeshop in Whittier where Daniel worked. Jorge and Fernando managed to connect with Daniel, bonding over the music they each had created separately. Daniel soon became fast friends with the pair and joined them on their musical adventures throughout the Californian coast. After a chance meeting with Adrian Fatout at a nearby Sam Ash brought them their new guitarist, Jade Stone coalesced into a musical powerhouse.

While figuring out the name for this new project, Daniel was inspired by the symbolism behind jade. Its purported properties of inspiring creativity and influencing dreams resonated deeply with his artistic soul, and his band mates shared that same vision. In forming Jade Stone, Daniel and his bandmates allow their fans to follow them in a new artistic direction.

Jade Stone draws from many influences, from ManĂ¡ to Jimi Hendrix, Black Sabbath to Soda Stereo, Muse to Coldplay, while also incorporating country & western, reggae, and soul into their music. Jade Stone explores the boundaries of musical genres, living on these artistic frontiers, and creates art that all music lovers can appreciate.